I believe in building up our local small businesses and *love* to give referrals.  Here are some of my favorites, and all of which I have had personal experience with!


Home Birth Midwives

I get a lot of calls and emails lately from moms looking for me to serve as a homebirth midwife...I am not a midwife, but I'm very happy to share with you some of my favorites who serve our area! (Michigan needs more midwives!) Some are out of the area, but all are worth the travel!


Faithful Guardians Midwifery- Located in McBain

Family Tree Maternity - Located in Mt Pleasant and Houghton Lake

Dance of Life Midwifery - Located in downtown Traverse City

Blessings of the Womb - Located in Rapid City


Prenatal/ newborn/ infant Chiropractic Care

Van Skyhock Family Chiropractic

Grand Traverse Family Chiropractic

Big Beautiful Life



Serenity Wellness Accupuncture & Doula Services

Grand Traverse Natural Health Care 


Birth Photography

TC Birth Photographer


Prenatal Massage

Bowen Wellness Massage Therapy


Prenatal/homebirth Coverage

This one is not a small business, but it is a ministry I fully believe in.  Members share each other's medical expenses, including coverage of home birth and placenta encapsulation.  My entire home birth, supply kit, and maternity care (including at the hospital and with a doctor for issues that arose during the pregnancy) was fully covered and shared by other members.  You will want to join as a member prior to pregnancy, though, or the only amount shareable of your pregnancy is what you paid *in* during your maternity.  Samaritan Ministries has been an enormous blessing to our family, as well as other members blessing us greatly.  If you choose to join, please tell them I sent you, so that our family can receive a referral discount!

Samaritan Ministries


Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy Care Center - Traverse City branch

Bethany Christian Services- Traverse City branch


Perinatal/family Counseling

Kids Creek Family Counseling 


Health Food Stores/ Holistic Remedies

Oryana Natural Foods Market

Edson Farms


Affordable/Consignment Maternity & Children's Clothing

Twice Trendy Tots


Small Wonders


Help With Basic Needs, Food, Bills, etc...

Love Inc.

Father Fred

Women's Resource Center


Domestic/Sexual Violence Help

Women's Resource Center